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I am currently working as a Project Officer (Recruitment Manager) – since May 2007 – for an overseas placement agency.  I enjoy my work as gives me a little sense of being able to help others find a job.  However, most of the accounts I am handling are Saudi-bound, thus the pay scale is not really that great (read: bad).  Also, the Dollar depreciation further aggravates their salaries.

Anyhow, I am handling other accounts on ‘exotic’ locations, such as Afghanistan and some African countries, where workers are fairly compensated.

Last 13 Dec 2007 morning, our president (ISD) circulated a bulletin to us project officers to check our database for an executive secretary for Saudi Aramco.  Regretably I was not able to attend (or even respond) to this bulletin because I am busy with other things and as I have no immediate candidates on my list.

It turned out that our president is a very close friend of the representative from Aramco, thus he has some privilege information on the rates and terms.

In the afternoon, I was called by the president to discuss the other perks for this position.  Jokingly, I told him if that is the case then count me in as an applicant while smiling widely.  To my surprise, I can tell from his voice that he is not joking, he said if I like to – then submit my resume to them, on a very positive tone. 

Ooopps… I have no plans yet to go back to Saudi Arabia, but if the rate and terms are promising (and with such company as Aramco), then I want to try.

In the evening they confirm my schedule for interview for the following day – with all the moral support and backings of ISD President.  Furthermore, during the interview I was told by the interviewer that he is even considering me for a position other than “executive secretary”, which he assured that it would be definitely better.  I wonder what that is.

It turned out that the company is actually KAUST, a project to establish a world-class university in Saudi Arabia with a staggering US$12 Billion endownment from the Saudi King.  Aramco is being tasked to organize and implement this project.


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