Job Offer

Today I received and signed the job offer for the position of “P & P Analyst” (planning and programs) for KAUST – King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Seems like a very interesting, challenging and exciting (read: well-paid) job.

With the job offer and the challenging post I have, I dont mind to work again in Saudi Arabia. After spending seven years there (1999-2006), we (my wife, 2 kids and myself) decided to go back to our home country (The Philippines). I was thinking if ever I will go back work abroad it should not be in Saudi again (or not in Middle East for that matter).

Well I guess, it is my destiny to work in this oil-rich country, and become part of the millions of expats working there (including the solid 1 million fellow countrymen working on various positions.)

I think I need to cut this blog short, as at this stage I still have to worry about the rigid physical exams that I need to undertake. Not that I feel myself sick, but needs to be sure. I usually hang out with my bosses and clients in bars until wee hours in the morning drinking beer and sometimes hard liquor – the thing that I dont usually do in Saudi.

God, I pray I still have a clean bill of health.


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