Driver’s License Renewal

Two days ago I went to one of LTO’s renewal office in Manila to renew my driver’s license, however I was advised to proceed to Pasay LTO Office instead (my Philippine driver’s license is expired for almost five years) as I need to re-apply for a license.  Though I still have a valid foreign driver’s license (one I got from Saudi Arabia – valid till the first quarter of 2009) I was told that I need to retake a written practical exam including driving exams for my restrictions 1, 2, and 3, thus to LTO Pasay.

Unfortunately due to the huge volume of appicants I was not able to complete the process and was not able to get the plastic card.  Hope it is ready by Monday.  Eventhough a friend of my boss friend is assisting me on this (also from LTO), it did not speed up processing my license. What he provided instead are “pointers to review” for the written exams, which honestly I do not need, what I need is to speed up the proccessing of my license – I should get a refund!

Interestingly, I saw a former classmate (during 2nd year college) who is the examiner of Pasay LTO, regretably he too can not be of help (or too busy to assist me) especially the Pasay LTO Chief  is actively roaming.  It is worth noting that my former classmate is wearing a bright green Lacoste (just read between the lines), and the friend of my boss’ friend owns a Toyota Innova (hmm, LTO employees seems to have money to afford).

I even saw a BMW parked there – I wonder who owns that car.


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