Online Passport Renewal

Today I went to DFA for personal appearance for the renewal of my passport.  The lines are very long, seems all Filipinos are hurrying to obtain a passport and travel abroad (read: to work elsewhere despite the US Dollar depreciating, as of today it is USD1 = PHP40.45).

Lucky me, several days ago, I came accross and found it very convenient.

1.) I simply filled-in my details on-line on a Saturday (12 Jan 2008).
2.) The courier company (2GO) picked-up my documents on Monday (14 Jan 2008).
3.) I made a personal appearance today at DFA (16 Jan 2008).
4.) I am expecting to have it delivered to me after 10 days (26 Jan 2008).

Hassle-free! I was treated like a ‘vip’, no need to fall miserably in line, the entire procedure took me only about 20 minutes, including having my photo taken.  Everything is arranged and fast-tracked.


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