Phase I and Phase II

Today I went to SM Lazo Medical Clinic for my medical exams, both phases are required from me as I a bound for Saudi Arabia.

I went to the IPAMS first to collect my referrals to which I arrived before 8:00AM, thereafter I walked towards the clinic.  IPAMS/KAUST arranged and paid for the medical exams.

Due to the special arrangement between the agency and the clinic, the procedure went smoothly (or perhaps my first medical exams 8 years ago is so terrible that I can positively compare the orderliness between these two experiences.  I can still remember how humiliating how we were lined up and was asked to have our underwear dropped while the female doctor inspects our body including our anus).  

Then again, I am a little frustrated that I was not able to complete the test the same day as the laboratory technician is asking me a specimen of my stool.  The agency advised me that bringing stool is not needed as I would only insert a cotton bud on my anus to get sample.  So I will just return tomorrow with the stool.

Also, I had confirmed (which is obvious to me) that I am overweight! The doctor required me to underwent ECG – luckily my heart is still normal.  I thought I am only 79kgs, the nurse there weighed me as 85kgs.

Other tests performed were, audio, eye vision (now I am 40/50), dental, physical, blood test, psycho test. Hope everything will be ok.


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