Authentication of Diploma and TOR

I went back to the clinic to submit the specimen of my stool, thereafter went to UST to have my diploma, transcript of records and certificate of graduation authenticated.

I was told that the entire process would take about one month or less.
a.) Authentication at UST
b.) UST will forward the documents to CHED
c.) CHED will forward the documents to DFA

DFA will issue claim stub that I need to collect at UST, then have to pick up the document at DFA.

This is the first time I entered UST Main Building in about nine years.  While the facade comfortably looks like those good old days I am still a student there (and probably the many years before me).  Yet there are some renovations and relocations made, like I was hoping to take a snack at the canteen inside main building only to find out that it is no longer there replaced by other offices.

I miss old days in UST, but I have no time to explore as I need to hurry back for work. 


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  1. Hi,
    I’m from UST too and will have my documents authenticated /red ribbon for my work application in UAE. Would you know the requirements for TOR, diploma authentication?


  2. Hi, I would want to inquire how much did it cost u to have ur Diploma and TOR authenticated? I need it for a job vacancy in government service. Thank you!

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