Last night I ate rice and Century Tuna (in can) with sliced tomato and squeezed calamansi.  Today for breakfast I had oatmeal (with lowfat milk and some sugar added).

At 10:00 AM, I went to a clinic in Antipolo (Perfect Glow Facial Spa) offering detox session with a machine I was told came from Taiwan.  The session took me 30 minutes, soaking my feet on a basin of water with a teaspoon of iodized salt while a small apparatus is  dipped therein simultaneously and another bracelet-like device is attached to my wrist. 

Starting the first minutes, white substances manifests on the water.  I was told that the white color represents the toxins coming from the lymphatic sytem.  At the course of the session there also manifests some substances – yellow-green (toxins from bladder, liver, kidney) and black flakes (heavy metals). At the end of the session, the basin looks like as if a melted wax has been left floating therein.

After the session I was advised to drink Gatorade to replenish some fluids lost.


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