Milkfish Blues

Yesterday my lunch is a piece of banana while later in the afternoon I had a pear.  For dinner I had a glass of lowfat milk, two slices of wheat bread and canned tuna. For breakfast today I had oatmeal and banana.

I went back to the clinic wherein the doctor discussed with me the medical results.  We set a schedule to have me tested again on Monday (28 January).  Furthermore, the doctor cleared me for the SGOT, instead will need to repeat only the 3 tests for Cholesterol, LDL, and SGPT.

For lunch I ate 1 cup rice and “milkfish in black beans and tofu”, plus a banana for dessert and pineapple juice (canned).

I am a bit concerned that it turned out that milkfish is high in cholesterol – especially I consumed the head and belly part – which defeats the purpose of my diet).

Incidentally I found this article describing what I had for lunch:

“This native dish’s loaded with protein, omega 3 good cholesterol, and calcium. It’s a mighty combination of the tasty features of fresh water fish and the subtle zesty goodness of Chinese black beans and spiced tofu.”

Yet I found another very useful and interesting site ( about food facts and analysis.


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