Blood Work Disparity

Now I am confused with the results of the blood test taken by SM Lazo Medical Clinic and L-R Medical Clinic.

17 Jan 2008 @ SM Lazo
Cholesterol: 7.02
LDL: 5.5
SGPT: 84

28 Jan 2008 @ SM Lazo
Cholesterol: 7.19
LDL: 5.73
SGPT: 87

30 Jan 2008 @ L-R
Cholesterol: 4.1
LDL: 2.8
SGPT: 54

Will talk to the doctor of SM Lazo tomorrow to look at this disparity.

Meantime, I received my passport yesterday, looks elegant in brown.


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  1. Medical clinics use different machines and reagents . Some reagents are very sensitive thus give diff. results on your blood test. Continue your diet as this will be the sum of your health in the future. What we eat and do will reflect on the tests.

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