NBI Clearance

Even at Park Square 2 in Makati a very long queue of people are having their NBI license renewed.  It took me more than 2 hours to have my clearance renewed.

I went to IPAMS this morning to submit my passport.  I was told that the employer wants my paper works expedited.  I reasoned out that my authenticated diploma and transcript of records are yet to be released on 20 Feb 2008.  I was told that they will try to apply for my visa using only a trade certificate.  If the authenticated documents are needed then have to wait for the documents at DFA.  In any case I was advised that I shall still use the “Planning Analyst” visa (I am a little bit hesitant not to wait for the authenticated documents because I was previously deployed using “Car Electrician” visa – and it is very inconvenient documentation-wise).  I already filled-in visa application forms as well as other forms for documentation.  Will go back tomorrow to submit my NBI clearance.

The Recruitment Manager at IPAMS (handling KAUST) turned out to be a Thomasian (Alumnus of UST).  We had a nice chat about our alma mater – I am several years ahead of him.


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