Trade Test

I was at IPAMS office in the morning to submit my NBI Clearance.  Thereafter I was given a referral letter to take a trade test at “Executive Technical Consultants Trade Test and Training Center, Inc.” located at Sta. Ana Manila.

Apparently this ‘trade test’ is nothing but  a farce. I was simply asked to pay P300 (here at ISD, our workers are paying only P200 – talk about rebates ei)  and fill-in a bio-data-like application form.  After waiting for about 10 minutes, I received a crisp new trade test certificate for “Planning Analyst” position. 

How they gave me “B” rating is not known to me.  I was thinking that perhaps I can have an “A” or “A+” should an actual test is performed (but that is being conceited, he he).

Anyhow, this trade test will be attached to my passport in visa application.  We are hoping that the Saudi Embassy will not require me to further submit the authenticated documents from DFA as my employer is the project university of the King (else would need to wait till 20 Feb). 

My visa application will be filed tomorrow, will know the result Thursday afternoon or Friday.


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