Shared Not Networked

It is January 2009, my blog had been frozen for a looong time. I hope to catch up.

Not that I am complaining, but rather I am both disappointed and frustrated here in Saudi Arabia. I had a lousy day at office today (and for the past several months).

Today I had a discussion with the operations manager of our contractor. I insisted to implement a provision in the contract to provide us 10 network printers. However he insisted that they indeed provided us with network printers.

True, they provided us a hundred of network-capable printers, but these supposed network printers are not connected to the network. They are only currently ‘shared’, meaning the printer is directly connected to a particular computer, then we only share. The problem is, if the computer is off or on stand-by, other computers can not print with this shared printer.

Anyhow, to cut the story short, after agonizing explanation and reference to the contract, the contractor decided to concede.

Network-Capable Printer

Network-Capable Printer

Another day at office…


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