MyPhone, Jolibee, Pres. Obama

I found my phone. By sheer luck, the phone was stuck at the bus seat. At a glance it wont be noticed as the red color of its holster appears to be that of the latch of a seatbelt.

myPhone as seatbelt latch

myPhone as seatbelt latch

I found it in the afternoon at our designated bus service going home, at the usual place where I seat (we have a different bus service in the morning).

It is interesting though that this bus is also servicing other passengers on other destinations. I even boarded this bus during our lunch break, but was not able to seat at my usual place because some other passengers took the place. Therefore, I am just lucky.

Speaking of lunch, today is my first time to have tasted Jolibee here in Saudi Arabia.

My First Jolibee Meat at Saudi Arabia

My First Jolibee Meal at Saudi Arabia

This 2-piece fried chicken meal cost me SR10, along with pineapple juice. Jolibee is Philippine version of Mc Donalds.

Now that I mentioned fried chicken, I would post a photo I shoot during the inauguration of President Obama. Not that I am a fan – just want to capture the moment.

Watching Pres. Obama on cable TV and online.

Watching Pres. Obama on cable TV and online.

I watched the inauguration over CNN via cable TV and at online.


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