I Kissed The Crucifix

I found myself kissing the crucifix I smuggled here in Saudi Arabia. It is a copy of a papal cross (Pope John Paul II’s) that I bought 14 years ago during his visit at the University of Santo Tomas for the 10th World Youth Day in 1995 in Manila. I gambled bringing it here in Jeddah and fortunately the airport immigration did not noticed, else they will confiscate it.


Anyhow, prior to kissing the cross, I was listening to audio book ‘Communist Manifesto’ (Karl Marx) thereafter to some gothic heavy metal music over iTunes featuring my old favorites – White Zombie and Megadeth among others (while slam dancing as a form of exercise). My room is dark lighted only by two candles, a lampshade, my laptop monitor and pale lights from cars overlooking my window covered with thin white drape.

And now while typing this entry I am listening to music circa 1940s from aol radio simultaneously while downloading another audio book ‘Democracy in America’ (Alexis de Tocqueville).


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  1. thanks, your article is very informative.

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