Guitar is Waiting

During lunch I went to ‘Jeddah International Market’ (a.k.a. Sarawat) to dine. There I saw the music store with items ‘on sale’ again.

((I was actually waiting for this opportunity as few months ago I am supposed to buy the same amplifier (Roland Cube 30x) only to be told i missed the sale season, I was one day late. The regular price is about SR1200, while the sale price is only about SR890, thus a difference of about SR300. Therefore I postponed purchasing the amplifier and patienly waited this sale season.))

Roland Cube 30x Guitar Amplifier

Roland Cube 30x Guitar Amplifier

Anyhow, after office hours I returned to the music store to buy this amplfier. It is Wednesday (weekend here in Saudi Arabia) and I have Thursday and Friday to play with my guitar – at least it was my plan.

However, it seems I need to postpone playing my guitar as I was not able to purchase it. I forgot the PIN of my bank’s ATM (Saudi British Bank). I tried several times to punch a PIN hoping I can get it correct. I even called the customer service only to be told that they cannot reset my PIN and that I need to visit the bank’s branch for this purpose – which is still on Saturday.

I seldom use this ATM and it has a six-digit PIN, unlike my other ATM (Arab National Bank) with only four-digit PIN. Unfortunately the latter is already short of cash. The amplifier is the last piece at the store so I just deposited SR200 to have it reserved to me.

Sadly the guitar has to wait.


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