Family Sponsorship Checklist

1. Internal Documents (request and dependents information)

Family Sponsorship Request

Family Sponsorship Request

These are internal documents that I need to fill-up to be submitted to our Government Affairs Department for the processing of the visa, with the below required documents.

2. Dependents Passport (scanned copy)

Passport Copy

Passport Copy

Copy of passport for the persons I am sponsoring (wife and kids).

3. Birth Certificate (children)

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

Ordinarily original copy of the birth certificate is required which will be translated to Arabic. Meantime, since both my kids were born in Saudi Arabia, their birth certificate that I obtained here is enough (as much as it is an official document and already in Arabic).

The smaller document on the left is my son’s (first born) birth certificate, notice the size is different. It is because the larger document on the right (my younger daughter) is only temporary. The rule is that you can get the permanent birth certificate after a year upon presenting medical booklet indicating that the child has been administered with specified and scheduled vaccinations.

4. Marriage Certificate (authenticated)

Authenticated Marriage Certificate

Authenticated Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate is required to bring a wife here (read: partner, fiancée cannot be sponsored), and has to be original and authenticated by our Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). This will be translated to Arabic.

5. Authenticated Diploma and TOR

Authenticated Diploma and TOR

Authenticated Diploma and TOR

There are certain job categories that are not entitled for family visa sponsorship, there is also salary bracket requirement. Authenticated diploma and transcript of records (again, original and authenticated by our DFA) is required as a measure to validate that my job visa is related to my academic qualification. This will also be translated to Arabic.

6. Copy or my Passport and Iqama
Along with the above documents, I also submitted copy of my passport (capturing passport details and the work visa stamped therein) and a copy of my ‘iqama’ (residence permit).

I submitted all these documents yesterday (22 Feb) and let me see how soon our Government Affairs can process it. Processing means applying for the visa here, afterwhich will be issued with the ‘yellow slip’ containing visa details, thereafter sending this document to Manila along with the documents enumerated above. Then the accredited agency (IPAMS) will continue processing with Saudi Embassy. It is expected to have my wife undergo Phase I and Phase II of medical examinations as part of the procedure.

As of now, I am waiting for the ‘yellow slip’.


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  1. Hi,

    How much did it all cost you to sponsor your family? My husband is in khobar right now and thinking of bringing us there.


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