On 12 February I bought 10,000 lots of USD using JPY at 90.08 Yen per 1 US$. And since then (to-date) it moved 749 points (97.58 Yen per 1 US$), I should have already earned USD 767.57. However, the money I placed is just a virtual account.


Noting the trend, on 20 Feb I bought another lot at 94.16 Yen per 1 US$, yet this time it is a live account (using real money). However, I was able to afford only 100 lots from my live fund which is only US$ 5. To-date it moved 341 points with US$ 3.49 earnings.

USDYEN Candlestick Graph

I opened the practice account with US$ 10,000 virtual fund (and free US$ 5 live fund) at Marketiva ( ).


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  1. marketiva is now supporting mobile platform anda mt4…

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