My First Credit Card

Yesterday I received my first ever credit card. I am not really a ‘fan’ of credit card, as I do not subscribe to the idea of buying on credit. But out of necessity, I finally decided to have one. I find it useful (and required) for online purchases, bookings and reservations.



Few months back for example, I searched for the best (and available) rate for an air ticket (Jeddah-Manila-Jeddah) for a short vacation. I am fortunate that my company is flexible to allow me go on vacation despite me being employed for only over four months.

On my own, I was able to find SR 3,301 roundtrip ticket via Singapore Airlines. It is peak season (November-December) that time, and the same reservation I had from travel agents quoted me SR 4,775. Thus, upon seeing the rate posted on the internet, I immediately booked myself, to which luckily my officemate was quick to offer his credit card for payment. The thing is, I even haven’t submitted a leave of absence request yet (as I am still undecided if I will go on vacation pending booking availability and affordability of air ticket). I grabbed the opportunity of the found low fare, and submitted leave application later.

Upon completing booking details and payment, the computer system required us (me and the credit card owner) to visit the airline’s office for validation and confirmation of travel. Should I fail perform this requirement, they will not allow me to board the plane.

I was wondering, what if I borrowed credit card information from my sister in Manila, or a friend from Timbuktu, obviously they cannot accompany me to the airline’s ticketing office for validation. I even called the airline company to inquire on this and was told that is the procedure.

Therefore, the afternoon of the following day, I asked my officemate to personally appear at the ticketing office for validation. It is fortunate that Singapore Airlines has their office here in Jeddah (which is another inconvenience, if it is located on another city).

Going back to my credit card, this was issued by SABB (Saudi British Bank) with SR 12,000 credit limit for its Visa Classic. The first year fee is free with SR 250 annual fee thereafter.

Perhaps I will use this card for my usual purchases (currently I am always using my ATM debit card) but will settle it accordingly in full to avoid adding-up interest and penalties.


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