Yellow Slip

After two weeks of waiting, I finally received the ‘yellow slip’ (family sponsorship visa), which is actually one page of yellow paper containing my information and with simple entries – wife, son, daughter – (I mean their names were not even mentioned) on the visa document. Anyhow, since everything is computerized, a push of a button (complementing visa number at the visa document) would provide complete details at Saudi Embassy’s system.

Yellow Slip

The processing (applying for ‘yellow slip’) is actually fast and quick. Our liaison officer submitted my documents this morning and retrieved same day today from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The factor that slowed the process is the translation of our marriage certificate, my diploma and transcript of records. While our marriage certificate was actually already translated in Manila, but had been required to have have it translated again here in Jeddah. Additional factor that delayed processing is that our liaison officer was on vacation last week. Otherwise, as I mentioned, it took a single day to have it approved (issued with yellow slip).

Meantime, a employment certification, in Arabic, was also required from me which I obtained from our HR Department, and was part of the documents submitted for visa application.

I was instructed by our Government Affairs Department to contact our accredited agency in Manila (IPAMS) to continue processing. Thus, I dispatched an email to my wife to contact IPAMS for direction. The original documents used for applying the visa are still with me (marriage certificate, diploma, kids’ birth certificates), and not sure if I need to send it back to Manila via express courier for submission of the same with Saudi Embassy.


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  1. how long is this yellow slip valid for please

  2. Jojo Ballesteros

    I also have the same question, Sir if you don’t mind. I have the yellow slip with me, which I recieved on September 21, 2011. Pwede ko ba i-hold until November or December ang visa stamping process sa Pinas para lang makasigurado na pagdating ng February 2012, ay valid pa rin ang entry visa na itatatak nila sa passpport ng wife ko? thanks so much.

  3. Sorry for the very late reply. I do not usually respond to inquiries, particularly if I have no answer to it. My posts are only based on personal experiences. Since this is a dependent visa I do not think this yellow slip will expire or perhaps even keeping this on hand for a year is still safe. Though I am not sure on this, if I can obtain more solid information, I will post it here.

    Meantime, since you obtained the ‘yellow’ slip just recently (September 2011), I believe it is still ok to hold the stamping for a couple of months to have it still valid (after passport stamping) for your target date of February 2011. Again, I am not sure about this, better consult an agency in the Philippines (besides, you are obliged to use them for visa processing and passport stamping).

    Regards, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. which one is visa number on Yellow slip RAQAM Assadir or RAQAM al tasalsal?

  5. Hi,
    I have public query labour importation form with me. On that form I have my visa follow up no. So I don’t understand that what is the need of yellow form and what is the actual purpose of yellow form.

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