Pathetic Excuse (Pardon my French)

Today I am on a not-so-good-mood at the office regarding how our HR Department responded on my request to bring my family with me here in Saudi Arabia.

Currently I am accommodated at Sultan Palace Apartment (Sultan 2) on a studio type room with own bathroom and toilet. We have a common area for cooking as well as laundry area at the rooftop (4th Floor). Although since I was accommodated here, I never cooked nor do laundry there. I had been there only at the rooftop perhaps a couple of times including during our Christmas Party. I have purchased my own washing machine as well that I place at the toilet.

Studio Type Accommodation

Studio Type Accommodation

I could had been accommodated at Arabian Homes (Sierra / Andalus) or Al Khair Compound as my employment category is “Professional” as such entitled for that housing accommodation as per company policy. However due to shortage, the company offered extra allowance (meal) for staffs agreeing to stay at Sultan 2. The meal allowance is intended to compensate us because we have no kitchen (only common kitchen at the rooftop as stated earlier). Incidentally, this meal allowance was reduced by 34% few months ago by our HR Department for wisdom of their own interpretation.

Anyhow, back to the part where I requested our HR to arrange processing of documents to bring my family to join me here in Jeddah. Whereas it is my intention of course to transfer to a more suitable accommodation for me and my family – at this time I am merely requesting our HR Department to advise our accredited agency in Manila to commence processing of my dependents’ travel.

I am so disappointed on the reason given by our HR Department, and decided to seek guidance and appeal to my boss. Perhaps due to the state of my mind at the time, I opened up relaying my sentiments asking my boss to at least back me up because he is my direct manager. Else, I continued, that if he will just accept the decision of HR and do nothing, I will take my appeal direct to the president of the Company. I can tell that he is a bit moved with that statement. And I apologized for that, explaining it is the visit of my family at stake. Good thing he understands. I continued that I am not asking anything more than I am entitled, especially I know that the simplest solution is just to transfer me to an accommodation suitable for families to which I know we still have more than a dozen available. And besides, the family sponsorship visa has been already released, I motioned that with or without the assistance of the Company I will bring my wife and kids here on my own. Such a scenario I don’t want to happen as I might offend or even embarrass the Company.

I am glad my boss is level-headed and was able to hear my sentiments. After several hours, I can hear them discussing (in Arabic) at my boss office and obviously it is about me. Thereafter my boss called me (and sent me an email as well) saying that I need to see the HR Manager, but was advised not at that moment as he feels I am not on my normal self. We both agreed to do it the following day (tomorrow).

Therefore, I will see the HR Manager tomorrow.


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