Five Minutes

Yesterday, I met with the HR Manager, it took us only 5 minutes to agree on the terms.

As per the guidance of my boss, I simply mentioned to the HR Manager that bringing my family here in Jeddah was planned long time ago. I presented the birth certificates of my two kids in Arabic as issued by the Saudi Government (for whatever weight it may have).

He asked why it is only now that I decided to bring them here, to which I reasoned that it is due to documentation requirements as well as scheduling concerns (schooling of my kid).

In the end, he simply mentioned that me transferring to the family accommodation at Al Khair Compound is conditional. There should be a staff willing to transfer from Sultan 1 to Sultan 2. (I did not bother to argue about this condition, even if I know I am not in obligation to agree on this condition) Meantime, I know there are indeed staffs wishing to transfer to Sultan 2).

My First Temporary Accommodation (Sultan Furnished Suites)

My First Temporary Accommodation (Sultan Furnished Suites)

It is interesting however, that he asked me how long my family will stay with me here. Supposedly the norm is that dependents will accompany with the employee to live and reside. Perhaps he has idea that I intend to bring my wife and kids here only for vacation (school break in Manila).

Nonetheless, it is exactly the intention of my wife. To which, I will have them process to be issued with residence visa, then I can send them home anytime I want and bring them in again as required.

However, I pointed out that I am still evaluating the situation here specifically for the school that the Company will provide. This brand new school will be opened on September 2009.

Anyhow, after reaching a conditional agreement, I was told by the HR Manager that he will contact the person handling accommodations (which happens to be from the same Department I belong) for this issue.

Few hours later, my boss called me to inquire on the development. I suggested that I transfer immediately to secure the family accommodation while there are still lots of available. He advised me to write an email regarding this request cc to him and the HR Manager.


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