Visa Processing, ISD Memories

Yesterday my wife went to Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to have the birth certificate (issued by NSO) of our kids authenticated. Also, she provided a copy of the birth certificate to the translation office (to be translated to Arabic). She was told that as soon as DFA released the authenticated document (in ‘red ribbon’) the translated document will be simply attached. The cost of translation is P500 per document. Cost for authentication is P100.

Meantime, today my wife went to ISD (International Skill Development) and submitted our documents. She was told that it is not necessary to translate the NSO-issued birth certificate of our kids since we have the original birth certificates issued by the Saudi Government (both our kinds were born in Saudi Arabia). But was advised that the DFA authenticated document will be submitted as well to the Saudi Embassy. DFA will release this authenticated birth certificate on Friday.

At ISD, my wife was processed for medical referral as required by GAMCA. It is unfortunate that there had been a technical problem on the system thus, she was not scheduled right away for medical tests which should had been tomorrow. She may take it on Monday (as she was informed GAMCA Office is closed on Thursday and Friday, I don’t know if this office is always closed on these days).

Good thing is that my kids will not undergo medical exams (unlike in IPAMS, they are still requiring even kids to undergo medical tests). I am not sure though if my wife will be subjected to both Phase I and Phase II.

My wife informed me that she met with my previous bosses, the President of ISD as well as the Vice President who is my direct boss and ‘partner-in-crime’. I worked in ISD and I consider it my family. Our work relationship is in the atmosphere of a family. All are hardworking, yet we always have time for bonding moments (though some part of which is work-related and with clients). We use to stay at the office even after office hours to play cards and have some round of beer (my max is 4 bottles). We also visit bars in Makati, Manila and Pasay. I am usually with the VP especially hitching a ride because his place of residence is near mine. I am also with the VP when we conducted recruitment campaigns in Cebu and Davao (such a nice experience). I miss these guys.

I even remember a time, while me and the VP is on the taxi on the way home (after enteraining a client) when my wife called my cellphone (obviously fuming mad as it is already 4:30AM that I am not yet at home). I passed the phone to the VP so that he is the one to confirm we are still together – performing our job. I arrived home at around 5:30AM, simply took a bath, changed my clothes then went back to office to report for work. I have a client (we are on a recruitment campaign) thus I need to go back to the office soon that day. I miss those days and do not complain.

And of course, it is the kindness of the President of ISD that brings me back here in Saudi Arabia thru his contacts and channels. If not for him, I won’t be here.


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  1. I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. Hi, regarding on the Arabic translations of my documents. Our marriage contract and birth certificate of our son was already authenticated by the DFA, I sent these documents to my husband in Saudi and he had it translated in Arabic. It was stamped by the Phil. Consulate in Jeddah, and Saudi Embassy, Jeddah. He was asked to send it back here in the Philippines to have it stamped by Saudi Embassy, Manila. Through agency the Saudi Embassy stamped behind the Red Ribbon and not on the Arabic translation . But my husband told me that it should be on the Arabic translation. What is the correct explanation regarding this. Is it accepted in Saudi Embassy, there in Riyadh that the stamped is at the back of the authenticated original document and the Arabic translation is attached at the back?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Amira, thanks for visiting the site. Let me just clarify that there are no ‘Saudi Embassy’ in Jeddah or Riyadh.

      As far as I can recall, my wife had their documents (from DFA with ‘red ribbon’ and with Arabic translation) stamped at Saudi Embassy in Manila, before being sent to me here in Saudi Arabia. After which another translation was made in Jeddah (from an accredited translation agency), as part of the processing.

      These documents are sufficient for my wife and two kids to be issued with the ‘yellow slip’ (their dependent visa).

      Saudi Embassy will really stamp at the back of DFA ‘red ribbon’ documents and not at the back of the Arabic translation (as mentioned earlier, another translation was made in Jeddah — to which in your case you already did.)

      The process is not complicated. Hope you can join your husband soon. Good luck.

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