Walking on Water

Last night I had a dream that I am walking on water. On that dream, I am on an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces on a familiar location. I am searching for an ATM (automated teller machine) to get some cash. Unfortunately I have no money on my pocket that is why I was not able to ride a ‘tricycle’ (a local short distance transport), thus I need to walk.

Looking for direction I found myself on someone else’s property and noticed a shortcut thru an intentionally damaged chicken wire fence to continue to my destination.

Before I pass the other side of the fence, there is a manmade ditch (about 5 meters wide and 4 meters deep) with shallow water flowing below which is about 6 inches deep. In order to cross this ditch, there is a wood plank placed therein which is about 2 feet wide.

I crossed the ditch using the wood plank, but after crossing I noticed that there are two dogs at this other side of the ditch. One dog looks harmless but seems guarding the broken fence (I feel myself afraid of this dog). The other dog, while looks more intimidating, I find myself at ease because perhaps the dog is away from the fence that I intend to pass thru.

Dog on left (away from the fence) looks fierce but I am not afraid. Dog on right (blocking the broken fence) looks harmless yet I am afraid.

Dog on left (away from the fence) looks fierce but I am not afraid. Dog on right (blocking the broken fence) looks harmless yet I am afraid.

Noticing that the dogs are owned by the property owner (which is a male about my age), I made a deal with him that if I can cross the ditch without using the wood plank (thereby walking on water – or technically it is air) I want to seek his assistance on letting me pass his broken fence and of course referring to the dog guarding it.

The property owner agreed. Then I walked on air. Walking pace though is not easy and not normal, yet it is not difficult either. When I successfully crossed the ditch (walking on air), true to our agreement, he helped me pass thru the fence and to my surprise the property owner even assisted me and accompanied me till we are at the place where the ATM is located. End of dream.


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