Move to Al-Khair Compound, Moved.

My move to Al-Khair Compound, was moved to Wednesday (01 April). Our housing engineer told me that there are some items still missing on this supposedly fully furnished villa. I can’t help but to simply wait till Wednesday.

Al Khair Compound (photo retrieved from the internet)

Al Khair Compound (photo retrieved from the internet)

Not thinking of any other reasons for the delay, I can’t comprehend why there are still delays despite the fact that these villas are supposed to have all the furnishings since the turn-over (contract was signed since October 2008) and our company is exclusively leasing all the 34 villas.

Also, my request has been forwarded to them more than 2 weeks ago (and it should be appropriate as well that they will not wait for the request for someone to commence completing the required furnishings of the villa (and I am not sounding arrogant here ;) )

Thus, my move was moved.

*During our lunch break, I met the housing engineer on the music store at Jeddah International Market (a.k.a Sarawat), in passing I asked him about the concern of the villa. I was told that the lessor, among others – needs to purchase new furniture, and informed me my family will use it brand new. While I appreciate that trully, however I am not that excited about brand new furnishings as my family will stay at the villa for only two months (they will go back to Manila last week of May or early June). Meantime, I myself will stay only until July thereafter we will transfer to our permanent accomodation in Thuwal. I was told that I will be assigned either on villa 27 or 28.


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