Relocation, Moved Again

Early morning I inquired with our accommodation engineer on the status of my transfer. He mentioned that it is not possible today but perhaps tomorrow, without offering any explanation. Thus my move was delayed again.

Few hours later, I inquired again (this time thru our relocation consultant / contractor) explaining that my family is due to arrive on 5th April Sunday, and this weekend is the perfect time to move. I don’t know if he is joking when he said if it is possible to have me moved next week (4th April Saturday) as my sense humor might have failed me by this time. I explained to him that it would be inconvenient on my part. He responded by telling me he will try to work it out.

In the afternoon, I approached him again for status and said it is possible tomorrow, and offered me to visit the villas so I can choose between Villa #27 and #28. On my mind it doesn’t matter which villa as I am sure it is basically the same and besides we will stay there only for several months. When I inquired on what could possibly the matter for the delay, he mentioned that they are just ensuring that everything is in place. I countered that as far as I know the contract has been signed since October 2008 and the villa (unoccupied since that date, yet being paid) should had been fully furnished and ready for move-in since then. Furthermore, I added that as per the lease agreement, requests such as maintenance or changes should be completed immediately within 24 hours (my request for transfer was made three weeks ago). He was a bit surprised that I know what is stipulated in the contract and said: “You know the contract ei…” I said sure I know as I have a copy of the contract as well information of the villa including allocations and occupants. He smiled and said he will do his best to make it ready.

Ready to Move

Ready to Move

Few hours later, I received a confirmation that I can transfer tomorrow, and I was assigned with Villa #27 (at least at this time, I can really move as I know already where to move).

Tomorrow I will move.


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  1. Dear,
    I am new to Jeddah and am looking for a compound for me and my family. Can you please guide me for Al Khair compound, if they have 2 bedroom villas and the annual rent for the same and also a name and number who i can contact to get details on the compound. Thanks

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