Saudia Airlines Travel Tax

I purchased a direct flight (Manila-Jeddah) airticket for my wife and two kids here in Jeddah, thereafter I was issued with e-tickets that I forwarded to my wife in Manila. I elected to have Saudia Airlines as it is the only airline that I know of that is offering a direct flight. Other airlines would require stopover, including long hours being on standby and change of aircraft, to which I find very inconvenient for my wife and two little kids. The cost for the adult ticket is US$715 for my wife and US$ 536 each for my 2 kids. The flight needs to be confirmed in Saudia Airlines office in Manila 72 hours prior to the flight schedule.

Meantime, when my wife called the airline office, she was told that there are still fees to be paid amounting P1,620 per passenger (US$33.75) as travel tax. The airline continued that she can avail of a reduced travel tax if she can present a document coming from our Department of Tourism in Kalaw, Manila. In order to be issued with this document, she is required to present documents such as original copy of our marriage certificate, birth certificate of our kids, and POEA issued OEC. I instructed her to simply pay the travel tax required by the airline.

Aside from the travel tax from the airline, she will also pay P750 per passenger (US$15.62) as airport departure tax.

On another note, my wife informed me that she received a call from the agency informing her that their passports were already released from the Saudi Embassy in Manila with the visa stamped on it. They will travel on Sunday (05 April) as planned.


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  1. thx for information

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