Busy Weeks

I had a very busy week (or two), including of course the arrival of my family here in Jeddah. Aside from the times spent with my two kids, the head of planning and control division of our department gave me a task – that is, to submit a report monitoring 10 contracts administered by our department. The task is huge as I need to study the contracts to determine fulfilments and commitments entered. These contracts have various personalities and require different approach on presenting a report, yet needed to make is adaptable to my working template for the general report.

The contracts include building lease and its operations and maintenance, interim staff accommodation on various locations, transport services, travel (airline ticket issuance and hotel bookings), personal effects shipment and customs brokerage, and program management office for relocation services.

I had an increased coffee consumption, sleepless nights and weekend work at home just to fulfil this assigned task. The division head who gave me this task is not my direct boss, but he asked permission from my manager, yet I need as well to perform my usual office work for him.

Yesterday, after nine days of being given this ‘part-time’ assignment, he was asking me to provide him the report. We were at my boss’ office explaining to him that amid my other workloads (that he knows and agrees), I haven’t completed the report yet, particularly there are data that I need to obtain and discuss with the other division heads within our department. (At this point of our raised voices, interestingly my boss is silent – he is scheduled for his one week leave the following day, which is today, – perhaps he understands the predicament I am in or simply polite not to go against the other division head). The past days, I was also busy doing equipment inventories, attending meetings (including a meeting conducted at the site in Thuwal), among others aside from my regular tasks.

I can see the frustration of the planning and control head because maybe he was thinking I haven’t done anything yet. He is unaware that I worked triple time for this report. When I presented to him my loose drafts, he seemed to lighten up, but continued that I need to submit it to him the following day (which is today).

Thus today morning, I submitted to him the report, and I can sense his satisfaction. He nonetheless asked me to review it with some modifications as per requirement (e.g. titling, more footnotes, data updating). Incidentally, an hour after I submitted the report, my co-worker (cost-engineer) who was originally tasked for this report was given a notice of termination. I feel so sad as I consider him my buddy (we go out for lunch everyday together prior to the arrival of my family). I feel further inconvenience as I know his workloads will be transferred to me (no new staff will replace him).

As for my family, I simply happy they are with me.


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