Crisp Saudi Driving License

Today I received from our Government Affairs Department my fresh and crisp Saudi driving license. I got it easy as it is actually only renewal (I have my old license to expire mid-May 2009). Unlike the previous issue that is bit big and printed on a thick paper, the new license is now the size of an ATM card with lots of security features. The picture on the license was taken from the photo grab at the airport when I arrived in Saudi Arabia last year (wherein our fingerprints were also captured).

Renewal Procedure:
1. Our liaison officer filled-up required government forms for license renewal application and attached corresponding company letters/documents at the office (was filed on a standard green hanging folder).
2. We proceed to ‘Dallah’ (driving license application / renewal office), I paid SR 430 renewal fee (I paid thru my electron visa card) and was issued a receipt.
3. I was sent for ‘medical check-up’, wherein I was “tasked” to donate 450ml of my blood. Vision check was also performed.
4. After which our liaison officer brought our documents to another ‘window’ for traffic violation verification (a computer print-out was released declaring negative).
5. Our files were submitted to another ‘window’ for filing pending release.
6. Today, I collected the crisp driving license as our office.

I donated 450ml of my AB+ blood

I donated 450ml of my AB+ blood

My license is valid for 10 years (unlike before that validity is only 5 years).


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  1. mabrook! susunod na ang tsekot… RAV4 ba?

  2. How to see our paid amount for the Saudi driving licence . we can payment through mobile phone ,my driving licence fee paid one Saudi through his mobile amount 450 sar

  3. Sub: Licence Renewal procedure

    Dear All;

    If you already have a licence & its about to expire the following will be the simple procedure for renewal

    Step 1 # Using online Account if you have one from (SABB, NCB, Al-Rijhi etc) You can pay the licence renewal fee which is S.R. 400/- once you payed the money get a receipt of it as proof. (You can print the payment confirmation report)

    Step 2 # Download the licence renewal form from and fill it (Its better if you have any arabic speaking colouge or freinds who can fill is)

    Step 3 # Use a Paper File (An ordenary Paper File) to arrange the following
    1. Licence renewal application completely Fill
    2. Two(2) 4×6 Size photo with white back ground
    3. Receipt of payment confirmation (i.e; S.R.400/-)
    4.Original Driving Licence
    5. Copy of your Iqama

    Step 4 # Go to Driving School (Dallah) Riyadh
    1. Go to Builidng # 01 , there is a licence check counter produce your File, He will just check it & stamp it
    2. Once he stamp it they will return you file . Take your file to Building # 1. There is a token system (Once you enter Building # 2 on to your left the token machine) Take a token & wait till you number come.

    Step 5 # Once your number come submit your file . They will check in system (If you have not yet done finger print, you have to do it before you renew you licence. All you date is been stored in there system) using your Iqama # & that it !!!!

    Step 6# Waiting for 5-10 min they will call you name & you will have all new Licence for 10 years…. (Congrats…)

  4. Sir, I have saudhi Light vehicle ( 4 wheeler) driving licence received in 1994 and it was lapsed in 1999, after that I came back to India.. And now I got opportunity of employement in saudhi, and wish to renew my driving llicenece in saudhi after 12 years.. Is it possible to renew.. Or again I have to go for driving school and driving tests etc.. Please advsie me how to get the licenece in this conditions..Already iam having valid indian LMV licence..Waiting for ur reply..Presently Iam working as Engineer.. Kuncha

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