Medical Tests for Iqama

Today I accompanied my wife to Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital for the required medical examination for her Iqama (Saudi Arabia residence permit) application (my two kids, age 5 and 3 are not required).

My family arrived April 5, but due to my workload, I was able to accompany her only today (26 April). I think it should had been the job of our Government Affairs Department to accompany my wife. I sent them an email a day after my family arrived and followed it up personally but yielded negative response. Instead of engaging myself on a conversation with them, perhaps it is best if I do it personally – and it is very inconvenient.

I need to ask permission from my boss to excuse myself beginning after lunch today for this purpose. I have pending jobs and busy schedule but I need to take care of my family also. I called the hospital in the morning to inquire on the laboratory hours, procedure and the required documents to bring. I was told to simply bring the passport of the patient (my wife).

I decided to have the medical exams for my wife taken at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital because it is the same hospital that I went for my own medical exams a year ago when I applied for my own Iqama (incidentally, my wife previously worked there for more than two years as dietitian, – our daughter Sophie was born in this hospital three years ago).

At Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

At Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

We arrived almost 2:00PM. When we inquired at the reception, we were told to go to 3rd floor to get a recommendation from certain Dr. Waleed. We proceed as instructed, only to be told that the doctor had already left and we need to come back at 5:00PM, I asked several personnel if there is any other doctor who can give this recommendation. Everyone advised me it is only Dr. Waleed. I felt frustrated as we have to wait. Few moments later, I decided to find other means how to proceed without this ‘recommendation’ from Dr. Waleed. After several attempts (inquiring and re-inquiring), I found a staff that directed me on what to do. This time, we were told to proceed at the adjacent building. Wherein upon reaching that building, we were guided on what to do and was never even asked about the supposed ‘recommendation letter’ from the doctor from the other building.

The name of my wife was registered on their system, and instantly was issued a card. Thereafter we were required payment of SR 460 for the medical tests (specifically for Iqama application). She proceeds to the laboratory as instructed to continue with the required tests.

My wife submitted urine, blood sample, saliva specimen, and was given a kit to swab her nose and genital. Unfortunately she was not able to bring her stool specimen (and was not able to relieve herself at the hospital) so we need to submit it again tomorrow. The result, we were told will be released after four days upon submission of stool sample.


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  1. I really love your thought , I just came accross your blog today , what a wonderful creation
    My wife has just landed in Jeddah 2 days ago , and now I was looking for information as of what I have to do to get her IQAMA.So now I know from you that I need to get a medical done for her .After that what do I have to do ? and how long did it take to get the IQAMA . I am trying to understand the process.
    I would really appreciate your help as you have gone through the process already .
    Your blog is excellent and it makes me want to start one too

    Thanks so much

  2. Just want to know how much is the medical fee?
    How much is the iqama fee ?
    Finger print? and other cost ?

  3. Dear its a good blog with ellaborated process details. Really good work
    Can you please tell how to know the status of medical test done, i have informed by the hospitail that the report wil be availble only on net. how to clarify that?? any website available for that?

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