Stress Management Seminar

Today afternoon, I attended a “Stress Management Seminar” held at Habitat Hotel in Jeddah. I am booked and supposed to attend on the morning session but I was asked by one of our division heads to stay with him as auditors will conduct an audit that same morning. Also, I was busy discussing accounting issues with the accountant from Al Sultan Palace Hotel Suites, as well as my usual tasks for my boss including receiving an instruction from him to update the floor plan or our interim office building as well as for the inventory of equipment issued by our contractor (as per the items indicated in the contract and with our succeeding purchases). I was even asked by my boss to have a late lunch as he needs documents for his meeting tomorrow in Al Khobar with the contractor. Thus I was not able to attend the morning session.

At past 12 noon, I asked permission to take my lunch (I usually go home for lunch). I went back to the office and arrived before 1:00 PM, just few minutes before the assigned bus will leave our office building for the seminar. I hurriedly proceeded to my work area to ask if I will be permitted to attend this seminar (after validating that I have no urgent task for the other division head that I am also currently reporting). I told my boss that indeed I have regular tasks, but I will handle it accordingly – to which actually I am supposed to submit a mid-year activity report for TMD-KDO (which is the ‘development organization’ of our department with separate reporting), my deadline is tomorrow. Convinced he gave his nod of approval. I hurried to catch the bus, and within few minutes we headed to the seminar venue.

There were about 2 dozens participants for this afternoon session. I was given a CD and a yellow stress ball upon registration. We were asked to find our seats to which I decided to sit on the front row. I must admit that I have a blurred vision now, so it is best to get near the presentation projector. The lighted candles on both sides of the stage makes it more soothing and suited for the purpose of this stress management seminar. We were advised to put our cellphones on silent mode.

My Yellow Stress Ball

My Yellow Stress Ball

The presenter proceeded with her presentation on the causes of work stress. It is either she is stating the obvious or simply reminding us the causes of stress. It is quite ironic that every time she mentions the word ‘deadline’ it reminds me of the mid-year report that I am supposed to submit tomorrow. Talk about stress and torture.

Even after with gulping 2 cups of black coffee (before the presentation) I am still sleepy (I had just eaten lunch), yet I still managed to keep myself awake amid several yawns that I hope I was able to conceal. I have so many questions on my mind but rather opted to stay ‘polite’ and just be a listener.

The last part is a 20-minute audio presentation (this time we were instructed to turn-off our cellphones), wherein we were asked to relax, listen to the soothing voice narration (we were even asked to sleep if we wish to). I find myself dozing from the first minute, which is too bad I was not even able to focus on what was being said on the narration – but I was able to woke up before the 20 minutes lapsed.

Thereafter, the presenter guided us to perform some body stretching then made her closing speech. We went back to office and arrived there before 4:00 PM. I just fixed my table and decided to go home (still ‘stressed’ that I have a pending report to submit tomorrow). Incidentally, I know many of my office mates who did not bother to attend this seminar because they too have too many pending work to accomplish, and some were not permitted to attend because of this.

Nonetheless, as explained in the seminar, it confirms my assumption that blogging is my own way to cope with my stress (perhaps including my frustrations, depressions and the likes).



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