Iqama Medical Exam (continuation)

I accompanied my wife to the Dr. Suliman Fakeeh Hospital yesterday to retrieve the test results (clearance) for her Iqama application. We are supposed to get the results after 4 days of her medical exams but was delayed a couple of days because I am busy at work.

We arrived at the hospital around 6:00PM and proceeded to the designated laboratory office to retrieve the results, only to be told that it was transferred at the adjacent building because it is overdue for several days (we were further told that the office there is open only until 5:00PM).

Inset: photo of Rinojo taken almost 4 years ago, when their mom had given birth to Sophie on the same hospital.

Inset: photo of Rinojo taken almost 4 years ago, when their mom had given birth to Sophie on the same hospital.

I nonetheless told my wife that we still inquire at the adjacent building for any luck we can still retrieve it. When we reached the place, we approached the nurse on duty and relayed our dilemma. She attempted to assist us, but was told the key to the drawer where the medical files are kept is not there.

Meantime, I have this hunch that something is still missing (previously, I was actually asking my wife if she underwent chest x-ray, as I remember it is part of the medical tests required for Iqama application. She said no, and that she also asked the nurse if it is required, to which she was told negative). I inquired on the cashier nearby if they have some idea regarding the tests required for Iqama application and continued if x-ray is required. I was surprised (read: frustrated) when I was told yes it is. I asked my wife to tell the nurse and inform her about this new information – to which my wife was simply told nonchalantly that she doesn’t know because the procedure changes from time to time. Annoyed, we just decided to go back to the other building to have the x-ray taken.

Too bad I do not have my stress ball with me :) especially our two kids are with us running like crazy back and forth within the hospital premises.

We will return to the hospital tomorrow to hopefully get the result, and to submit to our Government Affairs Department for the processing of Iqama application.


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