Grandpa’s Visit

My father-in-law paid us a 3-day visit starting last Thursday. My kids are very happy to see their grandpa who is working at Al-Watania Poultry (located in Qassim, approximately 350 km from Riyadh). He arrived Thursday noon and stayed with us until Saturday afternoon.

My son Rinojo, jumped off the car as soon as he saw his Grandpa.

My son Rinojo, jumped off the car as soon as he saw his Grandpa.

I rented a car on Thursday from ‘Key Rent-a-Car’ company and got Chevrolet Aveo (model 2009) for SR100 (24 hours rent). This is the first time I had driven automatic transmission (actually 2nd time but the supposed first time I drove automatic was too short thus I didn’t count it). Anyway, I find driving automatic transmission very convenient indeed. I thought manual transmission is ‘cool’ especially having that skill in changing gears and the talent to feel the engine and feed it with correct gears.

The car rental company simply asked for the copy of my ‘Iqama’ (residence permit) and my driver’s license and asked for a deposit of SR 500. Considering that I only rented the car for 1 day and I am supposed to return it on a weekend (Friday) I was told that I return the car at their head office in Jeddah along Madinah road as their office (in Sari St. where I rented the car) will be open only at 5:00 PM. I inquired if I can just return it in the afternoon as soon as their office opens, but was told it will be considered another day’s rent.

The Aveo is fuel efficient, I think I consumed only more than half of the SR 10 fuel that I loaded. I forgot how many kilometers I ran but the SR 110 (rent + fuel) is definitely less than how much I will pay for using a taxi, as we also need to go to the Hospital that day retrieve the medical exam results for Iqama application. From the hospital we went directly to the airport (Saudia Terminal) to fetch ‘grandpa’ then we had our lunch at Jollibee in ‘Sarawat’ (Jeddah International Market).

My kids treated their grandpa to Jollibee

My kids treated their grandpa to Jolibee

In the evening, we went to ‘Corniche’ where my kids played on a public playground (they are hoping to ride a pony or a camel but we didn’t find any). Soon Rinojo insisted going to “Ice Land Amusement Park” to go bowling.

At public playground downtown near Balad area

At public playground downtown near Balad area

Still with the rented car, the following day early morning we went back to ‘Corniche’ (this time near Westin and Hilton hotels area) to catch some morning sun and Red Sea breeze, where Rinojo is throwing tantrums insisting that we go fishing. We went back to our house at around 10:00 AM, thereafter I returned the car to the rental company.

Friday evening they went swimming (within Al-Khair Compound), where I was reduced to being their photographer as I need to take care of Sophie who is not in the mood to wet her skin that time.

Night swimming at Al-Khair Compound

Night swimming at Al-Khair Compound

My kids definitely enjoyed the visit from their grandpa and anticipating another visit soon particularly in Thuwal (80 km North of Jeddah) where we will soon be relocated to our permanent accommodation and job site.


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