13.63% Filipino

Today we welcomed the 100-day countdown till the inauguration of the University to be opened in Thuwal. The celebration was held at Hilton Hotel – Jeddah. There are booths from various departments and service contractors distributing brochures and pamphlets advertising their function and services being provided. My group enthusiastically hopped booth-to-booth as we employees ironically have our thirst for information (to which we had succeeded on obtaining information ranging from accommodation floor plan, schedule of recreational activities, and most importantly a confirmation that the school for our kids will definitely open on September) and more about the University and the life therein.

Human Resources booth indicating the percentage of nationalities working with the University.

Human Resources booth indicating the percentage of nationalities working with the University.

One booth that caught my attention is from our Human Resources with its tarpaulin stand with photos of flags corresponding to various nationalities working at the University (with percentage under each flag indicating the number of staffs).

Saudi nationals (of course being the host country) got the lion share of 34.79%, while Filipino nationals got 13.63% at second place – interestingly, the combination of Saudi and Filipino nationals is almost 50% already of the total staff population. Other nationalities (except the Indian nationals with 11.19% at third spot) are either on single digit or only a fraction of 1%.

The most common of the least percentage among other nationalities is at .12% which is a giveaway clue that .12 is equal to 1.

Therefore, to obtain the value in real numbers we can simply divide the given percentage by .12 (or using algebraic equation, n=x : .12=1).

Saudi nationals (34.79%).
34.79 / .12 = 290 staffs

Filipino nationals (13.63%).
13.63 / .12 = 114 staffs

Total staffs (100%).
100 / .12 = 834 staffs

Disclaimer: Other than the number of staffs, the given percentage might include the student population and staff dependents. Meantime, considering that many nationalities are recorded as “1” (single), assumption that dependents are not included in the count. Furthermore the inputs are from Human Resources, most probably providing the percentage in terms of manpower.


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    Give us details from accommodation floor plan, to schedule of recreational activities and to etc., please!

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