Last Day of the Month (06/09)

Posted via email: Today is the last day of the month, yet I have no posting on my blog. On June 3, my family went back to Manila for a “vacation” and will return here in Saudi Arabia on 24 August, a week before the opening of classes here.

While on “vacation”, my kids are both enrolled. Rinojo is enrolled in San Beda Taytay, while Sophie is enrolled with Blossom Hills Antipolo. This is the third school year for Rinojo, while this is the first for Sophie.

I am currently living alone in the villa, while waiting for the announcement from the company the new housing allocation in Thuwal where we will permanently reside (oh well it could still be temporary for 6 months to 1 year until other housing units are built which could be our permanent allocation for a minimum of 5 years). Policy changes on a day-to-day basis anyway so I don’t think this makes sense after few weeks. If ever I had posted announced policies at this blog, it might confuse the readers (including myself) on what really our policy is.

Perhaps it is one of the reasons why I simply avoided posting blogs related to my work (yet connected to my personal life).

On another note, I came across an all-female rock band which find very interesting. The name of the band is “The AccoLade”, it could be another girl rock group to you unless I will tell you that all the members of this band are Saudis (rarely you will find a rock band here even if it is a male group). I am still searching for their album and I am hoping I can find it on a local music store, but I am not sure I can find one. The only song that I know from them is “Pinocchio” to which I even created an MTV style video for it on YouTube.

While my family is away, it gave me too much free time to create videos, download and watch movies, including occasional visit to the gym.


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  1. Hey there check out my new vid

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