Happy Thought No. 1

Note: Happy Thought No. 1 is the start of an attempt to post more of my happier thoughts instead of my rantings and frustrations. Though when I say post I mean ‘publish’, as I may also maintain posts that are stressful yet would simply keep those as drafts.

Happy thought begin. My family arrived early today from their vacation in Manila. Via Saudia Airlines, the plane landed as scheduled at 2:15 am, however due to the long queue it took them more than an hour to finalize immigration formalities at the airport.

I was told by Joyce that her queue was transferred twice and that within three lines she queued, there were also a group of ‘vips’ that cut their line through the intercession of a local liaison officer. Also I was told that there is no separate line for those with kids, and worse the line is mixed with those on exit/re-entry visa and first timers.

The immigration procedure could have been expedited if there is an identified separate booth for first timers and returnees. First timers are required to undergo finger printing, record check and photo capture, while those returning on vacation are not subjected to this procedure. So I can imagine how more efficient it would be should they allocate a separate booth for those under re-entry visa.

Ooppss… I can hear myself ranting again.

Back to happy thoughts :D … Although I am tired from work and sleepy at 3:30 am, I felt so energized while waiting for my wife and my two kids exit the immigration booth.

We arrived home before 4:00 am, while still energized I tried to sleep as I still need to report for work at 8:00 am. Rinojo asked me to sleep on his bed, and soon he himself dozed off. Meantime, Sophie was awake the whole night (as her body clock might be telling her that it is already 9:00 am — Saudi time is late by 5 hours as compared to Philippines). While I was able to take some nap, I can hear Sophie singing nursery rhymes particularly ‘Jack and Jill’ over and over.

At 6:00 am she noticed I am awake, she asked me if I can turn on the TV so she can watch cartoon. I was obliged. Few minutes later Joyce joined us, thereafter prepared breakfast. Several minutes more, Rinojo also joined us.

I thought I would be late for work (actually I was planning to come late) but was able to report on time at 8:00 am.

I am just happy my family is with me again. Happy thought #1.


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