Ber Month

Yesterday, I was teasing myself playing Christmas tunes from AOL radio. Today it is already September. In my country the season starts in the month of ‘ber’ (well it used to be).

Speaking of the holidays, we are already planning where to go for Christmas. I wanted to go to Philippines but I am having second thoughts (especially it is not easy to get a flight booking) as Rinojo and Sophie would be at school until December 22 (with the school break until January 6). I filed my annual leave starting November 28 (though not yet approved), and I am thinking I may travel to Philippines ahead of my family — and this is where I am having second thoughts.

Our original plan is to spend Christmas where there is snow (we haven’t experienced visiting a place with snow yet. We are thinking Vienna or London, but as citizens of a third world country it might be difficult for us to obtain a visit visa. And we are at catch 22, we need to book our flight and hotel accommodations with no assurance visit visa will be granted (and we need to have our bookings as early as possible I think the holiday season is a peak season, either we will have difficulties booking later on or the price will increase or both).

Our other option would be at ‘snow land’ in Dubai, or perhaps Egypt. I have a ‘wishlist’ for Disneyland Resort in Paris (but I think it will remain a wish ;) — Euro 951 for 4 nights/3 days at their Hotel Santa Fe with freebies for the kids). I hope there is a better way to secure a visa to countries we wish to visit.

Definitely I need spend my annual leave before the end of this year else my vacation credits will be forfeited. Meantime, as per policy, we need to spend our vacation outside Saudi Arabia in order to claim our vacation ticket entitlement.


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