Personal Cameras Not Allowed

The University will be having a ‘Community Celebration’ this coming (Friday) September 4 to mark the start of classes the following day. The event will be held at the Harbor Sports Club (Safaa Harbor District) at the University site in Thuwal.

Because it is Ramadan the timing was scheduled in the evening several hours after Iftar, (as of course celebrations will not be complete without serving food), to which it can not be done during daytime. Not to mention it is the peak of the summer season here in Saudi Arabia thus activities outside at the open spaces are very unlikely.

No Personal Camera Allowed

No Personal Camera Allowed

Meantime, the access cards we received, prominently written are the words “Personal Cameras Not Allowed”. Hmm, I don’t think however that this will be strictly enforced — especially all our mobile phones are equipped with camera already. Besides with such an occasion everyone would be so eager to snap a shot (or record a video) to be posted on Facebook, Friendster (and other social networking sites) and Youtube.

I myself would want to post photos of the events – my kids as subject – to be embedded here at WordPress. :D


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  1. hi there…

    interested in your blog.

    are you a teacher in KAUST?

    Hope to have a blessed day.


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