No Philippine Flag

We skipped the celebrations (read: forgot). Meantime upon my conversation with my Filipino colleagues this morning, they are lamenting that there is no Philippine Flag in the presentation (and there is not even a “booth” for the Filipinos.

Supposedly, the event will showcase various nationalities as part of the family of the University, where there would be parade of flags and booths representing the countries that are part of the University.

On my previous post, I mentioned that the Filipino community is the second largest community in the University (second to the host country – Saudi Arabia). You can look left and right and back and front and still you can find Filipinos, not to mention including those from the contractors and service providers. But sadly this fact was not acknowledged (or was overlooked by the organizers).

I was told that our ‘kabayans’, including the kids (with high morale being part of the University), became somewhat disappointed not seeing our national banner amidst their eager anticipation.

I may sound melancholic, but I find this exclusion totally unfortunate especially for a proud Filipino like me — confident on the significant contributions we have had to the University.


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