Finally Got My Car

It was a busy weekend for me. Wednesday was the schedule for interview for my kids to be held at the University site in Thuwal. My kids were scheduled between 1:00PM and 3:00PM. We are supposed to ride with the bus on its scheduled trip (leaving Al Khair Compound at 7:45AM sharp). Unfortunately (or fortunately) we missed the bus by a couple of minutes.

Unfortunately as I need to rent a car and drive 80kms (one way) going to Thuwal and back. I went to Budget car rentals and got an automatic white Honda Civic model 2008. It costs me SR 125 with free 100kms (to which upon return of the car I paid SR 195 for the extra kilometers I traveled).

While I said fortunately (especially for my kids), as they were able to take some more naps (and have a car to drive around the University site). We left Jeddah at around 11:30AM and arrived in Thuwal at around 12:30. We visited our allocated accommodation (though not yet officially handed over to us) and found it open. We entered the house to change the clothes of our kids for the interview. The lights are switched on along with the air conditioning system as well as the refrigerator on a test mode.

We did a little tour inside the house. While the furniture and appliances are already there (except on some missing items), the place is still soiled and with sand all over. Nonetheless it will take only less than a day to have it cleaned and be ready for handover.

Notice the some pieces of concrete on the floor.

Notice the some pieces of concrete on the floor.

After the brief tour we rushed for the scheduled interview for my kids at the “Early Childhood Center” a couple of blocks away from our Thuwal house, Rinojo at K3 and Sophie at K1. The interview went well for both my kids. Sophie, a bit shy, was placed on K1 (she is 3 and will turn 4 on November). Rinojo is confident on his English language and can even read already (he is 5 and will turn 6 on October). I was even suggesting that we place Rinojo on Grade 1, but his mom wants him to remain on K3.

(Meantime, while at the interview, I received a call from KIA advising me that my Sportage is ready)

After the interview, we went back to our allocated house to pay another visit. However when we arrived the front door is already locked. My kids and Joyce however found the gate (which is part of the house entrance) open and was able to enter the house at the back door. I was not able to accompany there as a Filipino engineer approached me, who turned out to be a contractor responsible for making the housing units ready for handover, inquiring on how to apply at the University. I inquired about matters concerning the house particularly when it will be handed over to us. I was told however that he is not assigned on the block where my house is located and was told that the assigned engineer was transferred to another assignment.

Joyce and the kids went out the house and later on we roam around (particularly on the residential area) and found some of the houses already occupied with newly planted grass and plants at their lawns.

At around 3:30PM we decided to go back to Jeddah (there should had been an activity at the University starting 7:00PM but we decided to skip it).

From Thuwal, we went straight to “Auto Mall” at Malek Road in Jeddah to get my black KIA Sportage. We arrived at around 4:30PM at prayer and closing time but was allowed to transact business. After signing some documents and formalities the technician retrieved the plate number (and a drill) to which we proceed to the car to have it fixed. The technician handed to me the car key at documents thereafter.

I left the Sportage there (to be picked-up later), as I still have the Honda Civic with me. In the evening I was accompanied by Bob who is my colleague at work (who happened to also have a KIA Sportage of which was also released that same day).

All that ends well is well, even if it took us almost a month before the car was released to us, we are nonetheless thankful it was released before the long Ramadan Eid Holidays. I don’t know if there is a ‘magic’ on what I did last night (Tuesday), when I went to the KIA manager and informed him how disappointed I am with the long delay of the car from being released. I even gave him a deadline that if I will still not get my car on Thursday, I will cancel buying the car.

I got the car on Wednesday. Curiously, when I received a call from KIA advising the car is ready, the caller even joked on a light tone, if I still want to cancel buying the car, then mentioned quickly that the car is ready. :)

KIA Sportage
Finally got my car, 09/09/09.


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