Ready to Occupy

Late afternoon yesterday, I received an email from the University Relocation that our housing unit in Thuwal is ready to occupy and that I was instructed to arrange my move.

I went to see the relocation help desk and was scheduled an appointment to collect the keys to inspect the unit on Wednesday (16 September). We intend to sleep on the place to determine if it is indeed ready for occupancy. I also scheduled the move of my personal effects on Thursday (17 September) assuming we will not find any defects on the house (e.g. clogged sink, malfunctioning aircon).

Island Street corner Salmani Street

Island Street corner Salmani Street

My big concern for the rush move were –
1. Primarily to live and reside at the University community for the kids to familiarize and enjoy the place, as well as to be able to participate on events at the campus.
2. Eid Holidays is within several days, if we will not be able to move within this week, I think our move will be delayed for another couple of weeks.
3. Classes for my kids will start on 26 September, it is best to settle (and get moved) before that date.

Meantime, I have another concern over our accommodation transfer — I need to travel minimum of 160kms (back and forth) every workdays, from Thuwal to Jeddah for the next couple of months as my work is still assigned at our Interim Office Building in Jeddah :(

Distance Between IOB Jeddah and Thuwal

Distance Between IOB Jeddah and Thuwal

Oh well my daily travel will not be a problem :) (I hope).


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