Glory to the King, Gloria and the King

So the University has been finally inaugurated yesternight coinciding the National Day of Saudi Arabia. World leaders and representatives from various countries attended on this historic event including no less than our Philippine President Gloria Arroyo.

President Arroyo and King Abdullah

President Arroyo and King Abdullah

I was not invited on this occasion thus settled watching on the live webcast of the event (I would be honored if I can steal a shot – picture that is – together with the President).

I can remember that right after my graduation in college, I nearly got employed with her when she was still a Senator as one of my ‘brods’ is one of her senior staffs. Meantime, the first time I saw Arroyo personally and within few feet away was more than a decade ago, when she was still Vice President. She delivered a speech to the diplomatic community on the occasion of Taiwan’s National Day, to which I also attended on the invitation of my classmate (UST Graduate School) who is a ranking officer of MECO (Manila Economic and Cultural Office).

Anyway, going back to the inauguration, there had been bold pronouncements made by Professor Shih (University President) including a prophesy that 10 years later it will be in the cover of The Economist highlighting the achievements of the University such as in the fields of engineering, environment, bio-sciences to name some of the academic program offered.

As an employee of course, I remain optimist and full of hopes everything will turn out right.

Congratulations and good luck.


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