We Had Officially Moved

We had just officially moved from Al-Khair to our permanent accommodation in Thuwal. Yesterday I was in Al-Khair to monitor the packing and transport of our personal effects. My appointment is 1:00PM but the shippers arrived past 2:30 (which enabled me to take several short naps on the sofa in Al-Khair). After conducting the inventory and documentation formalities, the personal effects were loaded at the shipper’s truck (Fourwinds) headed to Thuwal.

Meantime as for the change oil for my car posted earlier on this blog, also yesterday I went to KIA Service Center in Auto Mall – Malek Road early morning only to be told that they do not do change oil until it reaches 5,000 kms. I am bit confused about this (though I am not an expert on car engines and maintenance), as it is my understanding that cars on a ‘break-in’ period must undergo change oil on the first 500 kms or 1,000 kms, in order to remove any residue in the engine during the break-in period (I think I also heard my sales agent about this required maintenance). I do not intend to argue with the mechanic thus I just leave the place and headed to work. I called my sales agent a few hours later only to be told that indeed maintenance will be performed in 5,000 kms.

A bit bothered, in the afternoon (after I shipped my personal effects) I decided to visit again their KIA Service Center, this time in Madina Road (Heraa) but was also told by their mechanic that change oil will be performed only within 5,000 kms. Concerned about my engine, I inquired if I can purchase instead the oil filter so I can have the change oil done in other maintenance shops. However I was discouraged from doing so as if I will do this and something happen to the car, the maintenance warranty might be voided. I understand their point and therefore at time point of time I trust their system.

So there it is, I will have my car’s change oil within 5,000 kms.


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