Piano, My Piano

Last June we decided to purchase a Kawai piano (second hand upright piano from Japan) and have Rinojo enroll on a ‘crash course’ piano lesson for a twice a week session on a music studio, and then he would continue to practice at home. It is interesting thought that we were told by the piano teacher that Rinojo is the best student she ever had. The teacher said that usually for his age (five years old) it is normal that her students can complete five pages of music sheets on the first session (that is – students with prior experience in playing piano). The teacher continued that it brings ‘chills’ to her that with the first session with Rinojo, they were able to complete up to 26 pages of music sheets. It was observed that Rinojo is more inclined to play with his ears though he can also read notes.

Meantime, not yet completing his piano lesson sessions we need to ship the piano that we purchased to Jeddah together with the other personal effects. The piano was shipped via sea cargo as with its weight it exceeded with my entitlement for air cargo. The shipping agent in Jeddah is “Four Winds Saudi Arabia Ltd.“, which is the official contractor of the University for personal effects and customs brokerage.

The piano was picked-up from our house on July 24 by “CWW Cargo Express” and until now – October 12 – it has not been delivered to us yet. Very frustrating.

Initially I was told by the cargo company that it will arrive in Jeddah on 20 August, to which I waited with excitement. August 20 came but when I followed up I was told that it should had been September 20 – which was confirmed by their shipping agent in Manila that the cargo was still at Jebel Ali in UAE.

September 20 came and every time I follow-up, I will be told that “this is not yet that, and that is not yet this”. One week more it will be October 20 and I hope the piano will be delivered before that date, and definitely I hope it will not reach November anymore.

I am just hoping I will receive the piano in one piece as it was sent from Manila three months ago, so that Rinojo can continue to practice and explore with his interest playing the piano.


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  1. Hi Dear,

    I have read the PIANO story, and feel sorry about the troubles you have faced from “FOUR WINDS SAUDI ARABIA” Jeddah.

    I also have a bad experience with them here in Dammam. I wanted to move my household goods and I have called them many times to send a surveyor and to submit a quote for my move, but no one care about it and finally I have visited their office and booked a time and date for survey and no one show up and they lost my time and efforts to deal with them.

    Finally I have choosen A-One Relocations for packing & moving of my goods and I found their service quality is much better than any of the movers in Saudi Arabia.

    Best of luck!

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