November Rain

On November 25, at around 5:45 AM we were awakened by (rain) water dripping from a cracked ceiling at the master’s bedroom (located at the upper floor), at first we thought it is simply the collected moist from the central air conditioning system. Then flashes of dry lightning caught our attention at the window. It turned out that it is raining (rain falls here usually only once a year) and it is raining heavier than usual.

The drippings continued, we needed a pail to catch the water. We roamed to inspect the house and found that Sophie’s bedroom (also at the upper floor) is flooding due to a clogged drain at her veranda. I got busy redirecting the flood water to the bathroom – if not it will spread fast and drip to the ground floor. I needed another pail to catch

I am not aware that the ground floor is also flooding coming from the outside – as the roadways had also collected rain water. Below is a video taken outside our residence.

It is quite interesting to note that in Saudi Arabia (rain)water drainage system is not common and not being installed, thus even at this community flooding will naturally be always excepted after heavy downpour.

I found out later that Jeddah was devastated by the flood brought by this rain which claimed more than a hundred lives.

Images collected from the internet (Jeddah):

Main road that looks like a river

Vehicles of different makes and models piled up.

Huge hole on a street (comparable to a scene from a disaster movie)

Preview of the hundreds (even thousands) of vehicles caught by the flood.


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