Saudi Female Rock Band

Several months ago, I came across an article about “The AccoLade” – supposedly the first all-female rock band named (or at least the first to appear on media with The New York Times interview). In this part of the world, rock bands are not common.

Inspired, I was attempted to create a YouTube video for their first single “Pinocchio“. Meantime, after few days I received messages and emails from someone claiming to be a ‘close friend’ of the rock group (though I have a hunch, the person could be one of the band members themselves), to remove the photo of the group that I included on the video. Though I got the photo circulated from the internet (scanned copy of their faces as published by The New York Times). Nonetheless, I heeded to their request to cover their faces on the video.

A week later, I received an email from this ‘close friend’ of the group with the attachment of their second single “Destiny”. Thanks to the Eid Holodays, I have had got time to create this ‘fan video’ for their second single:

I hope I can watch them perform live.


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