Between Office Files and Office Flies…

I am having my coffee break while posting this blog.

As usual, a busy day. I am reviewing accumulated invoices from service contractors that needs to be paid (ranging from hotel accommodation to personal effects shipment). Yesterday, I had a meeting with our Finance Department regarding the expenditure tracking, budget allocation and operational forecast. The other day I was in our office in Jeddah to perform my usual job obligation coinciding the dismantling of my workstation there and disassembling of my desktop. I am not sure if I will still be required to report for work in Jeddah – at the new interim office location.

Yet I am supposed to be spending my annual leave since Saturday, but have no choice but to work. I just wish my employer will consider carrying over my vacation credits for 2009 to add up with 2010 – otherwise it will automatically puff like bubbles unused come year-end. I still have 28 days vacation credits for 2009.

An office fly helping me with my files.

I am a bit uncomfortable with my current work location, I was allocated a cubicle on the central warehouse, I can’t understand the logic because I have no business and no interaction required from me at the warehouse. The absence of a photocopier and scanner at my workplace requires me to visit other office (located on another building) just to photocopy/scan a document – to which is routine for me as part of my job.

I feel like I am on a meat freezer, it is terribly cold here. The thermostat is malfunctioning dipping automatically to 5 degrees centigrade, thereby producing a room temperature of 18 degrees centigrade.

Line-up of dead mosquitoes, yet some escaped.

I have regular flies and mosquito visitors here. If I am on the mood I simply allow them to fly and roam around. But today I was annoyed with the mosquitoes constantly buzzing on my ears and some piercing on my skin. I massacred more than a dozen today.

Oooppss… coffee break is over, have to go back to work.


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