2010, tumblr and Facebook

Starting this year, and with the advent of Facebook where I usually post my updates, I believe my posts here at WordPress will become (more) limited. Furthermore, I will also try tumblr (thus, will try to avoid multiple posting — unless it would be automatically linked — that my posts will also be posted or linked from tumblr to WordPress and vice versa).

Thanks WordPress!

Edit: As posted on the “About : )” page…

17 June 2010: I was enticed by a Facebook newsfeed announcing WordPress 3.0 to check back my blog here. I now seriously decided to become active again with WP (I hope I can post more again).

I had previously stated that I may minimize posting here at WP because I already have my Facebook account and a Tumblr account. (Though I became inactive as well with my Tumblr blog, aside from that it became a blog mainly about political satire and has nothing say about myself anymore).

Now I am back here at WordPress… and will not limit anymore to happier thoughts ;) besides I am merely blogging about my personal opinion and experiences. No harm meant to anything or anyone. Yet, it is still “happy thoughts as much as possible”.


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