…and here are your toys.

A day ago, I was busy working on the computer and have no time to play with my son Rinojo. Despite his pleads that we play, I simply ignore him. Frustrated he punched me on my left shoulder. Though he usually punches me (and I allow him), this time though my muscles are relaxed as I am concentrated on the thing I am doing on the computer. Not seeing what was coming, I felt some pain. I shouted at him and scolded him.

He left. After about five minutes he came back to me and handed me some ‘things’.

Rinojo handed to me some items which includes, a bag containing my action figures, a dragon, an old Nokia phone and a heart shaped post-it on which he wrote “eto young toys mo (here are your toys)”. All the these items are being safe-kept in the drawer at his bedroom. We sleep together at his bed (while his mom sleeps at Sophie’s bedroom – nobody is using the masters bedroom).

Still busy at what I am doing, upon reading his note, I paused a while and felt he meant “get out of my bedroom”. I can’t help but smile, and when he noticed me smiling, we became ‘friends’ again.


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