Vacation Recalled

Supposedly my vacation is until the last week of August (wherein I will report back to work on the 28th), however my vacation was recalled by my boss and was instructed to report back earlier. I arrived at Jeddah Airport – South Terminal two days ago, (Saturday, 14th of August) at past 3:00 AM and was able to retrieve my baggage at around 4:00 AM where the taxi service I booked is waiting. My place in Thuwal is about 1 hour drive so I was able to arrive home at around 5:00 AM.

Stopover between Jeddah and Thuwal for Suhoor (early morning meal before sunrise during Ramadan) for the Taxi Driver

Perhaps it is my body clock or because I intentionally let myself sleep for the duration of the flight that I am not feeling sleepy when I arrive home, yet I can still feel something on my head which I think is what they call ‘jet lag’. I was still able to unpack my things and prepare my breakfast. At around 7:00 AM, I felt my head a bit heavy so I decided to have a short nap. I intended it to be a short nap because I still have to report for work at 8:00 AM.

At 7:30 AM I instinctively was awakened, took a quick shower and rushed to office. My office is only 4 kilometers (as per my car’s odometer) from our house and less than 15-minute drive.

It is quite interesting though that I consider that my vacation officially starts on the evening of 07 August 2010. (07 August is our wedding day – church wedding after our civil wedding 10 years ago). Since the day that I arrived in the Philippines on June 30, we were very busy and hectic organizing our wedding which includes, but not limited to, attending required church-sponsored seminars, meeting/selecting/signing contract with suppliers, and other activities related to our wedding. I would want to have my wife handle this entire event but I still need to get myself involved.

On the day of the wedding (after the wedding) we went to ‘Callessa Grill’ (with most of the wedding entourage) for some merrymaking and to unwind, to which we stayed till wee hours in the morning the following day (August 8). The next day (August 9) we went to Pangasinan to visit the house we purchased – that I haven’t seen yet – and decided to proceed to Baguio City and spend the night there. In the morning (August 10), we toured Baguio City, in the afternoon, we went back to Pangasinan and sleep there. Early morning (August 11) we traveled back to Antipolo and as soon as I arrive I went straight to POEA to process my ‘Balik Manggagawa’ (Overseas Employment Certificate). The following day (August 12) we commemorated the death anniversary of our father and had a family gathering including visiting his grave at the cemetery. And on the 13th of August, I headed to the airport to catch my flight back to Saudi Arabia. Incidentally my wife and kids (together with my in-laws) went to Marinduque also on the 13th after dropping me at the airport – and I could have been with them, enjoying the beach and the barbecue had not my vacation was recalled.

And so here I am back to work. Better luck next time. My wife and 2 kids will join me here on the 25th of August (just in time for the opening of classes on the 28th of August)


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