Salty Wednesday

It is weekend here, few minutes before the closing of office hours, I have a workload to accomplish but I feel a bit slow. It could be due to a vacation hangover (or actually perhaps it is the lack of vacation due to recall). Anyhow, I will just pack my things and bring home my tasks hopefully I can accomplish it on the weekend. Oh wait, I am supposed to have a change oil for my car tomorrow as it is nearing 16,000 kms already – where I should have done it at 15,000 kms (every 5,000 kms that is), and I need it to be done in Jeddah at the car company’s workshop (KIA). I also need to remit some money to pay for my credit card bills, spent during vacation.

I need to prepare a writeup on the proposed contract amendment with one of our contractors (program management office, relocation), also – I need to update our intranet website, including finding a way for an online submission of a web form (it could had been easier had not the restrictions set by our IT Department).

It is a weekend here and in the month of Ramadan, most of my colleagues specially those about to travel away for the weekend and particularly my Muslim colleagues with their shortened work times (6 hours) had already left.

I have to wrap this up and watch ‘Salt’ later in the evening at eight.

Salt - Angelina Jolie


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